About Us

About Us

Valuing children and learning

“…always starting from the children, with the ability to welcome them as they are, freed from the thousand different labels with which we now presume to identify them…” (Carla Rinaldi, Thinker in Residence, Adelaide, 2012)


“…to shift the action of the school from teaching to learning, not only with words but with tangible deeds, fostering children’s constructive and collaborative behavior and the teacher’s presence as a helper who is always available but never looming or intrusive; that which the children are able to do together today, they will be able to do on their own tomorrow…” Click on the picture to listen to Carla Rinaldi speak on learning.

'The person is at the heart of Christ's teaching'

Fostering connection ~ participating in how we think about children and learning.

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We have a responsibility that calls us to preserve the dignity and integrity of the students we learn with, and the community that surrounds them. Students with disability are amongst the most vulnerable people in our community. They are entitled to, and deserving of an education supporting them to live life to the full.

Why we value what we do.

"I have come that you may have life and have it to the full" (John 10:10)